Three Lynx Creek Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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Waterfall at the hydro project & where it drains into the Clackamas River

Three Lynx Creek Falls is a multi-tiered waterfall south of Mt. Hood.

Hydro Project location GPS 45 7.613' N, 122 4.447' W; Elevation above sea level 1320 ft.
Drainage location GPS 45 7.492' N, 122 4.549' W; Elevation above sea level 1200 ft.

  1. From HWY 212 (Portland area) connect to HWY 224 and head southeast to Estacada
  2. Or, from Woodburn head northeast on HWY 211 and follow all signs for Estacada
  3. At junction of 211 and 224 in Estacada continue southeast on HWY 224
  4. Halfway between mileposts 44 & 45 (a little over 20 miles from 211/224 junction) turn
    left (east) on Pipeline Road
  5. In one tenth mile note a gate***
  6. 3/10th's of a mile past the gate note a sign for Oak Grove Hydro Project
  7. Park just past the bridge on the left
  8. To view where Three Lynx Creek drains into Clackamas River
    head further south on HWY 224 to a wide spot near milepost 45
    (note caution signs before camping near the bank of the Clackamas River)
Several tiers of the waterfall are visible above and below the bridge.
Various campsites are on road 224 before Pipeline Road turnoff.
*** Unknown whether or not the gate is closed on a nightly or seasonal basis.
Dinner Creek Falls is nearby.

URL: http://oregonwaterfalls.net/3lynxck.htm