Umpqua Falls, Black Rock Fork

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Black Rock Fork, 700m el.

Umpqua Falls is East of Canyonville.
Directions (similar for Campbell and South Umpqua Falls):

  1. On I-5 take Canyonville exit 98 (or exit 99 and get onto Main until reaching 3rd).
  2. Turn left at stop sign to go into Canyonville (1st St.).
  3. Turn right at next stop sign to get onto Main Street (note sign for Tiller).
  4. Turn left onto 3rd St.
  5. 3rd St. turns into Tiller Trail Hwy (aka HWY 227 - but no signs say this).
  6. After 22 miles turn left onto South Umpqua Road just before a bridge (east side of Tiller).
    It is also called "South Umpqua Tour Route", County Road 46 & Forest Road 28.
  7. Note your odometer reading or reset your trip odometer here.
  8. Travel CR46/FR28 for a total of about 29 miles (8.1 miles past South Umpqua Falls picnic area).
  9. You will cross a bridge over Mink Creek. Past the bridge is a widened area
    for parking with an information sign. Trail to Umpqua Falls starts here.
    Trail is approximately 0.25 mile to view of the falls and the large pool in front of it.
No facilities.