Chichester Falls on Andy Creek

Photographer/Videographer: G. Price

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GPS - Chichester Falls, 300 meter el.

Chichester Falls February 2.8MB 12S 480p

Chichester Falls is west of Oakridge on highway 58.

Photograph specifics:
Left - 1/100S, ISO100, lens 18mm, aperture 5.6
Right - 0.4S, ISO100, lens 90mm, aperture 32, tripod, polarizer
  1. From I-5 take exit 188A for HWY 58
  2. At milepost 13 turn left at sign for Lowell (historic covered bridge to your left)
  3. After 0.8 mile turn left to stay on Jasper-Lowell road
  4. In 0.1 mile turn right at sign for Fall Creek (Jasper-Lowell Road)
  5. In another 1.8 miles turn right onto Big Fall Creek Road and reset your trip odometer
    (you will see a second covered bridge here)
  6. After 9 miles BFCR turns into Forest Road 18
  7. Counting up a total of 15 miles on the trip odometer you will find a concrete bridge
    with brown moss growing on it. Chichester Falls on Andy Creek is to the right.
Approximately half mile back is Bedrock Campground. There are other campsites along FR#18.