Chitwood Creek Falls
at Hart's Cove

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Chitwood Crk Falls

Chitwood Creek Falls is north of Lincoln City.
Water falls into the Pacific Ocean.
  1. On Hwy 101 - north of Lincoln City - Hwy 18 joins from the east.
  2. Reset your trip odometer at this junction.
  3. If heading north on HWY 101 access to the turnoff would be from the
    left PASSING lane 4 miles from the junction.
  4. As you approach 3.8 miles on the trip odometer turn on your left turn signal
    and get into the left PASSING lane (keep the blinker on).
  5. As HWY 101 sweeps to the right there will be a wide spot off
    to the left. This is where Road 1861 starts. This road is gravel.
  6. If you are approaching from Tillamook the turnoff to the right would be
    about 0.3 miles from milepost 101.
  7. Once safely off HWY 101 continue down 1861 for 2.4 miles to a fork in the road.
    Take the left fork downwards.
  8. Another 1.6 miles the road ends with the trail to the left
    (an access point for the Conservancy Trail was one mile back).
Trail first goes down rather steeply for about 0.5 miles. You will cross
Cliff Creek on a foot bridge shortly afterwards. Eventually you will
reach a bench overlooking the ocean. Sit down, peer over to the headland
and notice the grouping of evergreens. This is your goal.

The Goal

Get back on the trail and follow it past Chitwood Creek.
You will eventually see the ocean a second time and will come out of the
forest and onto the headland. Your goal is the evergreen in the middle of the picture.

Close to the Goal

There is no groomed path - just previous hikers stepping over the grasses.
Where there are signs of bent grass keep to the left until you reach the tree.
Once there look to the left and drink in the blue cove and the waterfall in the distance.

View from the tree.