Lower Diamond Creek Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Lower Diamond Crk Falls, 1.3km el.

GPS - alternate viewpoint, 1.25m el.

Photograph specifics: 1/20 S, ISO100, lens 18mm, aperture 22, tripod, polarizer
Photograph specifics: 1/30 S, ISO100, lens 18mm, aperture 11, tripod, polarizer
Month: May

Lower Diamond Creek Falls is 21 miles east of Oakridge on highway 58.
(same exit as Salt Creek Falls)

0.4 miles past the tunnel (0.2 miles in length) turn right at sign for Salt Creek Falls Viewpoint.

A panoramic view from the left side of the falls can be had by staying on the original trail
and going an additional 100 feet further (right picture)

A viewpoint halfway along the trail indicated by the second GPS affords an
obstructed view of a waterfall on the same creek:

Snow and ice can make the trek treacherous. Watch your step.

And, above all, take in the scenery while trekking up. It's glorious.

Snow pass required after Nov 15.

URL: https://www.oregonwaterfalls.net/diamondf.htm