Dobbin Creek Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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Photograph specifics: shutter 1/25, ISO100, lens 30mm, aperture 4.0, polarizer, tripod
Month: May

Dobbin Creek Falls is east of Sweethome
GPS N44 23.857', W122 28.839', Elevation above sea level 850 ft.

  1. Southbound I-5: Exit onto Hwy 20 at Albany and head east. You will
    pass through Lebanon and Sweethome.
  2. Northbound I-5: Exit onto Hwy 34 and head east. Upon reaching Lebanon
    follow all signs showing "Hwy 20", "Sweethome".
  3. Half mile past milepost 41 on Hwy 20 turn left into Cascadia Park (cross over a bridge)
  4. After parking walk back towards the bridge and walk along the east side of the bridge (marked in green).
    Dobbin Creek Falls flows north and drains into South Santiam River on the south side of the river.

Lower Soda Falls is accessible from the East Picnic Area.