Waterfalls - Fall River Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Fall River Falls, 1.31km el.

Fall River Falls is near Lapine.

  1. From Interstate 5 take exit 188A and head east on Hwy 58
  2. Past milepost 72 and just before milepost 73 turn left onto Crescent Cutoff Road
  3. In 3 miles turn left onto Cascade Lakes Highway (aka County Road #46)
  4. An additional 18 miles turn right onto S. Century Drive (aka Road #42)
  5. Drive Road #42 for another 17.7 miles to a wide dirt road on the right
    (the only distinguishing characteristics about this dirt road are a stop sign and
    green address markers with numbers on them - maps list it as road #4360,
    but no label is seen anywhere with that designation) ****
    GPS for this intersection

  6. Drive straight down this uneven dirt road for 0.7 miles to the parking area for Lapine State Park
    (you will see branch roads off to the sides - private driveways)
  7. Trail to the waterfall is mile
Waterfall can also be accessed from HWY 97. **** On Road #42 you will see a sign for Pringle Falls. Ignore it. It is inaccessible.
URL: https://www.oregonwaterfalls.net/fallrvr.htm