Hardesty Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Trail Start, 290m el.

GPS - Hardesty Falls

Hardesty Falls (unofficially named for nearby mountain) is west of Oakridge.
  1. From I-5 take exit 188A for HWY 58
  2. Near milepost 21 - past a bridge - park at the paved area (with vault toilet) on the right.
    Trail start is at the back of the parking area.
  3. About a quarter mile down the trail turn right onto Goodman Trail #3461A
  4. In about two miles you'll reach a fork in the trail (below). Go left towards the sound of water.
    You'll walk under a low golden moss-covered canopy.

For a small waterfall it is in a picturesque location.

If you take the right fork and head down the trail a short distance you'll encounter a hewn log bridge.
Before crossing look to the left at Lower Hardesty Falls (a blocked view of Goodman Creek Falls
is 0.25 miles past the bridge).

Local Flora - Trillium

URL: https://www.oregonwaterfalls.net/hardesty.htm