House Rock Falls

on South Santiam River

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - House Rock Falls, 490m el.

Photograph specifics: speed 1/100, ISO100, lens 25mm, aperture 4.0, tripod, polarizer, flash
Month: May

House Rock Falls is east of Sweethome

  1. Southbound I-5: Exit onto Hwy 20 at Albany and head east. You will
    pass through Lebanon and Sweethome.
  2. Northbound I-5: Exit onto Hwy 34 and head east. Upon reaching Lebanon
    follow all signs showing "Hwy 20", "Sweethome".
  3. Half mile past milepost 54 on Hwy 20 turn right at sign for House Rock Campground
    (13 miles past Cascadia Park)
  4. Reset your trip odometer
  5. Count up 1.6 miles on Latiwi Creek Road (#2044)
Park at the locked gate on the right side of the road.
As seen in the picture below, there is a path to the left of the gate
with a sign on the left saying "Santiam Wagon Road".

In a little over half a mile the sound of the falls will become obvious.
You will see a small trail to the right. It may provide a side view of the falls.
I did not attempt that path due to its steep descent.

After a total travel distance of 0.7 miles you will see a sign on the right
with its back towards you. Go to its front and you'll see the direction for the
primary path to the falls - and a second sign past that one.

At present a small wooden bridge past the second sign has damage.
Hoping the Forest Service will have it fixed.
Caution: wet wood is slippery.

This is the area just past the falls.

On the way back on Road #2044 I spotted these two mule deer cautiously observing me.
I was back about 100 feet when I spotted them - had to use my telephoto lens to keep
from spooking them.

House Rock Forest Camp turnoff is 0.2 miles from junction of Hwy 20 and Latiwi Creek Road
Gate for camping/picnic area closes around September 30th.
Good swimming hole at the base of the falls.
Picnic sites are no fee. Camping is $10.