Upper/Lower Kentucky Falls

plus North Fork Falls on N. Fork Smith River

Photographer / Videographer: G. Price

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GPS - Trail Start, 437m el.

GPS - Kentucky Falls, 358m el.

GPS - N. Fork Falls, 245m el.

Kentucky Falls April 1.4MB 480p 5.6 sec

Upper Kentucky Falls & North Fork Falls w/rainbow

Here's a visual treat - North Fork Falls & Lower Kentucky Falls conjoin.

Kentucky Falls is east of Reedsport.

  1. Access to falls is via Hwy 101 north of Reedsport
  2. On Hwy 101 - 0.7 miles north of junction with Hwy 38 (Reedsport) -
    turn east onto Lower Smith River Road (at sign for Bolon Island).
  3. Reset your trip odometer.
  4. Count up 15.1 miles.
  5. Turn left at sign for North Fork / 48A (see figure 1 below).
  6. Count up an additional 10.3 miles, then turn right at a Y-junction.
    This will put you on Forest Road #23 (no sign - see figure 2 below).
  7. After 9.8 miles turn left onto signed Forest Road #919 (see figure 3 below).
  8. Another 2.8 miles is Kentucky Falls recreation area. Picnic table
    and rest facilities are available.
Across the road from the rest area is the trail leading to the falls (see figure 4 below).
Ignore the small map at the trailhead. It appears to show the trail starts to the left of the toilet.

Upper Kentucky Falls is at the 3/4 mile from the trail start.
Lower Kentucky Falls and North Fork Falls are at the 2 mile mark.

Figure 1.

Figure 2.

Figure 3.

Figure 4.

URL: https://www.oregonwaterfalls.net/kentucky.htm