Lake Ann

Photographer: G. Price

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Lake Ann is east of Salem.
GPS N44 34.305', W121 52.451', Elevation above sea level 3920 ft.

Trail starting point to reach Lake Ann...
GPS N44 34.606', W121 53.658', Elevation above sea level 3342 ft.

This website is dedicated to waterfalls and how to get to them without turning
right when a left turn is needed. But, I just had to include this shot of Lake Ann.
I was on my way to find Marion Falls nearby. A four foot snowdrift stopped me cold.
At the place where I stopped I realized I was seeing something new to my eyes -
snow...sitting on ice...on a lake! The trees highlighted in the center are a plus.

Directions: Two routes

  1. Once on Marion Crk Rd note your odometer reading or reset your trip odometer.
  2. Count up 4.5 miles to the trail starting point. Northwest Forest Pass required.
  3. Lake Ann is about 1.5 miles up the trail.
Photo Phacts: 1/200 speed; 18mm lens; west side of lake in April

Vault toilet available at trail start.
Marion Falls is less than 0.25 mile from Lake Ann.
Pass Gooch Falls on the way to Lake Ann.