Lake Creek Falls

near Triangle Lake

Photographer: G. Price

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Upper & Lower Lake Creek Falls

Photograph specifics: Upper, shutter speed 0.125S, ISO100, lens 22mm, aperture 22, polarizer, tripod
Photograph specifics: Lower, shutter speed 0.125S, ISO100, lens 28mm, aperture 16, polarizer, tripod
Month: April

Lake Creek Falls is west of Junction City.

Triangle Lake GPS N44 10.415', W123 34.851', Elevation above sea level 670 ft.
Falls Rest Area GPS N44 9.551', W123 34.38', Elevation above sea level 705 ft.
Lake Creek Falls GPS N44 9.43', W123 34.507', Elevation above sea level 640 ft.

Directions: Triangle Lake sources Lake Creek

Flow is seasonal.
Camping available at Triangle Lake Park between mileposts 27 and 26.

Triangle Lake has a boat ramp & is day-use, no-fee with picnic tables / rest facilities