Little Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Little Falls, 370m el.

Little Falls is east of Roseburg.

"Little Falls" seems such a boring name for a waterfall. Part of what
makes this one especially interesting are the rock formations near the falls.
They have the look of Swiss cheese. Plus you can easily sit down on one of
the rocks and dip your toes into the running water. Water cut courses into
the rocks. I think this waterfall should be renamed to ...
...Swiss Cheese Falls.

  1. On I-5 take Roseburg exit 124. Note your odometer reading.
  2. Follow signs in Roseburg leading to Hwy 138 East.
  3. When your distance from your noted odometer reading nears 40 miles
    look for a curve in the road that splits off to Diamond Lake or
    Forest Road #38. Turn left onto Forest Road #38.
  4. In a little over a mile park at a wide spot on the right side of the road
  5. Waterfall is right next to the road
  6. If you have ground clearance issues continue a short distance until
    reaching a paved wide spot on the left - then walk back to the falls
This road is shared with the route to Steamboat Falls