McDowell Creek Park Waterfalls

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS Royal Terrace, Lower McDowell
GPS Majestic Falls Overlook

9 second movie Majestic Falls October 3.9MB 480p

Royal Terrace and Majestic Falls, Elevation above sea level 925 and 1000 ft.

Lower McDowell Creek Falls

Crystal Pool Falls

McDowell Creek Park is east of Lebanon

Four waterfalls are linked to a common trail split by a paved road.
Total hiking distance < 1 mile. Directions:
  1. From I-5 exit onto Hwy 20 and head east towards Lebanon
  2. Four miles east of Lebanon turn left onto Fairview road and
    bear right at the T-junction (road to McDowell Creek Park)
  3. Appr. 0.9 miles bear left to stay on McDowell Creek road
  4. Another 7.6 miles turn right into the parking area for McDowell Creek Park
Path starts at end of parking area. Lower McDowell Creek Falls
is visible as you cross the bridge (face on views are available near
the picnic tables). Crossing the bridge, the path leads to Royal Terrace Falls
in less than half a mile. Following the path away from this
waterfall will eventually lead to a paved road in appr. 0.3 mile. Cross this
road and link up with the remainder of the path. It will lead to Crystal Pool
Falls and farther up will be Majestic Falls.

Some paths have staircases - tread carefully.

Vault toilet available at parking area.

Note: each waterfall has an individual parking area.
For Majestic Falls it may be easier to drive up to the third
parking space. Caution: a short section of the road may
need to be driven in low gear.