Nick Eaton Ridge Falls*

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Nick Eaton Ridge Falls, 320m el.

Photograph specifics: 0.3 S, ISO100, lens 18mm, aperture 11, tripod
Month: June

Nick Eaton Ridge Falls is east of Portland.
Directions: You will see the following sign through tall grass:

Trail starts with Road 022. Walk through the tall grasses for a short distance. Now verify
you didn't get any unwanted hitchhikers, like ticks, on your pant legs.
First leg of the journey takes you 0.3 miles to a view of some overhead power lines.
The trail will veer to the right away from the powerlines. Travel another 0.6 miles
and turn left at the first sign for Herman Creek Trail #406.

Then, in mile the second sign for trail 406 will appear on your right - follow the arrow.

In less than a mile the trail will have a fork - go straight.

Waterfall will be visible to the left in less than mile. Total hiking distance is 2 mile.
Majority of the trail goes up. Average rate of rise is 840 ft over the hiking distance
or 373 ft / mile (4 degrees).

*Waterfall named for nearest geographic feature for unnamed creek.

Interesting sights while walking Road 022 and the Herman Creek Trail.

Columbia Lily (Tiger Lily) and Red Columbine

Red Clover and Woodpecker