Oneonta Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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Oneonta Falls is east of Portland.
  1. On I-84 take Corbett exit 22 (note your odometer reading)
  2. Follow signs that refer to Multnomah Falls or 'historic highway'
  3. Approximately 15 miles look for the Oneonta Trail. Park on the
    north side of the road.
  4. Cross the road and note a sign referring to Oneonta Trail #424
  5. Go up that trail for about 300 feet. Another wooden sign will
    show Oneonta Trail going right and left. Turn left and walk up the trail.
  6. Appr. 1 mile there will be another set of wooden signs. One sign
    will refer to the Horsetail Falls Trail #438 leading downwards. Follow this
    path down to a bridge to Oneonta Falls (very good viewpoint).
  7. Continuing past this bridge will eventually lead you to Ponytail Falls
    and then Horsetail Falls.