Pheasant Creek Falls'

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Trail start, 400m el.

GPS - East Falls, 290m el.

GPS - South Falls, 290m el.

Pheasant Creek Falls - East and South

Pheasant Creek Falls' are south of Tillamook.
  1. On Hwy 101 south of Tillamook enter the town of Beaver.
  2. Near milepost 80 turn onto the road signed as "Upper Nestucca River Recreation Area" and "Blaine".
    Note the mileposts on this road as you travel.
  3. After 6.7 miles you'll reach the town of Blaine. Where the road branches
    note the sign stating "Carlton". Head straight towards Carlton on Road 858.
  4. At milepost 11.7 look for a right turn on a road between two fenced fields.
    You will note the following sign for Road 8533.

  5. Reset your trip odometer at this time.
  6. The road will take you over a first bridge (ignore the right turn over
    another bridge a short distance past the first). The road soon turns to
    gravel. When your odometer counts up the additional 4.3 miles there
    will be a road on the right. As you make the turn you will note small
    signs on the right that say "Falls" and "8533-131".

  7. After 0.7 miles there is a wide spot in the road on the left for parking.
    The trail to Pheasant Falls' is about one mile. The sign at the trail start
    says "Niagara Falls Trail #1379". I believe this to be a misnomer. Using 3D GPS
    measurements, and a topo program, Niagara Creek is no where near the location
    with the picnic table near the southern waterfall. Niagara Creek is about one mile to the west.