Upper/Lower Proxy Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Upper Proxy Falls, 980m el.

GPS - Lower Falls, 960m el.

Lower Proxy Sept. 1.1MB 480p 10 sec

Photograph specifics Upper: sports; 1/500; aperture 15; ISO400; 38mm; polarizer; tripod; shade (hand)
Photograph specifics Lower: 0.8S; aperture 22; ISO100; 18mm; polarizer; tripod

Upper and Lower Proxy Falls are east of Springfield.
Call 1-503-588-2941 for road condition information for route 242 (McKenzie Bridge).
This road is generally closed for many months. Access to the falls is within the
first eleven miles of the junction with Hwy 126. Certain sections may open sooner
than the entire length of route 242.

  1. First segment is 1800 feet in length where you traverse craggy volcanic rocks
  2. To reach the Lower Falls turn right onto a 500 ft long segment - the view here is an overlook.
    The base of the falls can reached farther down this segment.
  3. Go back up the trail and turn right to get back onto the main trail, traveling another 500 feet
  4. Turn right onto the next segment and travel another 500 feet to the base of the Upper Falls.
    Recommend old tennis shoes or ones with GoretexTM - it's easy to get your feet wet at this site.
    Best view is by walking along the left side of the bank and finding some flat spots on the hill.
  5. Go back up to the main trail and veer right - trail back to the road is 1200 ft.
    Total distance - including backtracking - is one mile.
Lower Proxy is fed by Proxy and Shadow Creeks. Upper Proxy emanates from a spring.
Northwest Forest Permit is needed between Memorial Day Weekend and Halloween.
Permits available at the sign to the falls.

Fall color seen at the trail start.

Found this California Sister Butterfly fluttering around the trail start -
when it landed I was able to capture all of its colors.

California Sister in flight - and alight.
National Audobon Society says the coloring
of the wings is like that of a nun's habit.

URL: https://www.oregonwaterfalls.net/proxy.htm