Punchbowl & Deadpoint Creek Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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Punchbowl Falls on West Fork Hood River

Deadpoint Creek Falls draining into West Fork Hood River

Punchbowl & Deadpoint Creek Falls are on the northern flank of Mt. Hood and south of Hood River.

Directions: steps 1 thru 8 are the same for this falls and Diver's Creek Falls

  1. From I-84 take exit 62 (Hood River). Note your odometer reading here.
  2. At the top of the offramp turn right to go east on HWY 30
  3. In 1.2 miles turn right (south) onto 13th
  4. An additional 3 miles (4.2 total) turn left at sign for Hwy 281S
  5. 2 miles on 281S (6.2 total) turn right at sign for Dee / Parkdale
  6. Travel this road for 6.3m (12.5 total)
  7. Turn right at sign for Dee / Lost Lake
  8. In another 0.3 miles (12.8 total) you will reach a T-intersection
  9. At the T-intersection bear right onto Punchbowl Road
  10. In a little over a quarter of a mile the road appears to curve left.
    Continue straight to stay on Punchbowl Road (left-bearing is Green Road).
  11. In about 3/4 mile from the curve find a gravel area with a closed gate. It will be just
    before the bridge over Hood River (river).
  12. The gate is closed to cars but has an opening for hikers on the right.
  13. Hiking distance is less than 0.1 mile.
Punchbowl is part of Hood River's west fork. Deadpoint Creek drains
into the fork just one hundred feet downstream from Punchbowl on the
opposite side.

On the way to these two falls don't miss out on the views of Mt. Hood's
northern flank. It is very prominent.

URL: https://www.oregonwaterfalls.net/punchbmh.htm