Umbrella & Sahale Falls

on East Fork Hood River

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Sahale Falls, 1.4km el.

GPS - Umbrella Falls, 1.6km el.

Umbrella Falls photograph specifics: speed 1/13, ISO100, lens 18mm, aperture 11, polarizer

Sahale Falls

Umbrella and Sahale Falls are on the eastern flank of Mt. Hood.
Note: not to be confused with Sahalie Falls on HWY 126


  1. From Interstate 205 take exit 12 and head east on HWY 212.
  2. HWY 212 will eventually meet up with HWY 26. Head east on 26.*
  3. Past Government Camp exit HWY 26 and head north on HWY 35.
  4. Near milepost 65 look for a "Sahale Falls Loop" sign.
  5. Turn left onto the road opposite the sign (note odometer reading).
  6. Follow the road left past the locked heavy equipment area and turn left
    at the "Sahale Falls" sign a short distance away.
  7. From the first odometer reading find the 0.5 mile mark.
    There will be a wide spot on the other side of the road to park.
    Walk across the road and find the trail nearby.

    On the trail - Indian paintbrush and lupine

  8. Go up the trail for a little over a mile until you encounter a sign
    with its text facing away from you. This is the sign for the trail you're on.
  9. Bear left at this sign and head up the trail for about half mile.
  10. Umbrella Falls is the first one to be reached.
  11. To find Sahale Falls head back down the trail and turn right at the sign
    to go back to the access road.
  12. Sahale Falls is 0.6 miles up the road either by hiking or driving.
The road to the falls ends at a blocked bridge (for cars). Falls visible from bridge.

Or you could drive up to Sahale Falls then go back to the trail for Umbrella.

Switchback Falls is in the same general area. It is 5.6 miles up HWY 35 from the junction with HWY 26
(2 miles west of the junction for Sahale Falls). There is a wide spot on the eastern side of a curve in the road
where you could park. The waterfall is on the other side of the road.
Its location is GPS N45 18.848', W121 39.628', Elevation above sea level 4400 ft.
There is no clear view of all of the falls due to all of the foliage. Therefore, I have no picture.
If you wondered where it was, now you know.

*The temptation would be to go to Exit 19 to get directly onto HWY 26 East (Division Ave.).
This would put you through a lot of lights. Then you would have to turn right
on Burnside to continue on HWY 26. Don't be a glutton for punishment.

URL: http://oregonwaterfalls.net/sahale.htm