Scottsburg Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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Photograph specifics: 0.5 seconds; aperture 25; ISO100; 55mm; flash; tripod

Scottsburg Falls is east of Reedsport.
GPS N43 38.9', W123 50.354', Elevation above sea level 100 ft.

  1. Fifteen miles east of Reedsport on HWY 38 find Scottsburg Park
  2. Walk back up to the road, heading back towards Reedsport
  3. A few feet down the road there will be a wide spot
  4. Scottsburg Falls is just across the road
Waterfall is not high volume. However it is rather purdy with the green moss around it.
This waterfall has no identifiable creek on topo maps. However, I am calling this one
a 'waterfall' because there is sufficient water volume to clear any foliage away from the rocks.

Scottsburg park is a full-featured park with swings and functional rest facilities.