Silver Falls w/rainbow at base

at Golden & Silver Falls Park

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Silver Falls, 180m el.

Silver Falls is northeast of North Bend.
Not to be confused with Silver Falls State Park near Salem.

Directions: (same as Golden Falls)
  1. On Hwy 101 turn east on E. Bay Road. This intersection is located
    at the light north of the large bridge over the Coos River.
    Be advised that if heading south on 101 there is no separate turn lane.
  2. After 2.6 miles look for a small bridge going over a creek.
    Turn right to go over this bridge. East Bay Road continues over this bridge.
    Watch out for small round white spheres. Golf course to your left.
  3. After another 5.2 miles you will reach a stop sign. A sign will say
    Turn left to go to Allegany.
  4. Near Allegany a sign pointing to the right will say Golden and Silver
    Falls in ten miles. You'll actually be going straight (becomes Glen Creek Rd).
  5. The remaining 4.9 miles leading to the falls is a gravel road.
There is a restroom and picnic tables near the parking area.

Once in the parking area there are two ways to get to Silver Falls. URL: