McKay Falls

on Butte Creek

Photographer / Videographer: G. Price

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GPS - McKay Falls, el. 130m

McKay Falls May 4.3MB 480p 10 sec

McKay Falls is northeast of Salem, OR.

  1. On I-5 take Salem exit 256 (Market St. / Hwy 213).
  2. Head east on Market St. (note HWY 213 sign).
  3. At the second light turn left on Lancaster (HWY 213 sign).
  4. After 1.3 miles turn right on Silverton Road.
  5. In another 10 miles (while in Silverton) you will reach a three-way
    stop sign. Turn left to remain on HWY 213.
  6. Turn left on 1st St.
  7. Turn right on Oak St. (HWY 213).
  8. In another 4.8 miles turn right onto Scott's Mills Road NE.
  9. In another 2.7 miles (while in Scott's Mills) turn right onto Crooked Finger Rd.
  10. In one-tenth mile turn left into the park past the gates.
Staying right, drive up the path and around to park in one of the spaces.
The waterfall is located in a park with swings, picnic tables and a restroom.
To get the view that I got walk back up to the entrace near a large log on the ground.
Find a small trail that goes to the right and follow it up to the creek. Wear long sleeves -
the blackberry bramble is unforgiving.