Waterfalls - Soda Creek Falls

with Lower Crater Creek Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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Soda Creek & Lower Crater Crk Falls

Green Lakes Turnoff GPS N44 1.754', W121 44.135' Elevation above sea level 5440'
Soda Creek Falls GPS N44 2.43', W121 41.731' Elevation above sea level 6000'
Lwr Crater Crk Falls GPS N44 2.5', W121 42.34' Elevation above sea level 5700'
Rate of rise: Crater Crk (from trail start) = 260 ft. in 1.8 miles (+1.6)
Rate of rise: Soda Crk (from Crater Crk) = 300 ft. in mile (+6.5)

  1. From Interstate 5 take exit 188A and head east on Hwy 58
  2. Past milepost 72 and just before milepost 73 turn left onto Crescent Cutoff Road
  3. In 3 miles turn left onto Cascade Lakes Highway (aka County Road #46)
  4. In another 43 miles turn left into Green Lakes Trailhead (between MP26 and MP27)
  5. Keep to the right and drive around to the parking area (Northwest Forest Pass required)
  6. Go across the road where you entered to find Soda Creek Trail
  7. Trail with little rise leads to Lower Crater Crk Falls in 1.8 miles & Soda Crk Falls in
    another mile (steeper climb for this last leg - see rate above)
Also access Cascade Lakes Highway from Bend.

Local Flora: Scarlet Gilia (aka Skyrocket) & Thistle

Steps 1 thru 5 are the same for Fall Creek Falls'

URL: http://oregonwaterfalls.net/soda-crk.htm