Spirit Falls

on Alex Creek

Photographer/Videographer: G. Price

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GPS FR 1790 Trail Start, 645 meters el.

Spirit Falls December 4.7MB 720p 9.5 sec

Photograph specifics: speed 1/60 S, ISO100, lens 24mm, aperture 4.5, polarizer, tripod
month: April

To the left of the waterfall is a picnic table

Spirit Falls is east of Cottage Grove.
Steps 1 thru 7 are the same for Spirit, Moon & Pinard Falls

  1. Consult with Cottage Grove Ranger Station (541-942-5591) for status
    of Forest Service Roads #17 and #1790 before travel
  2. Take Cottage Grove exit 174
  3. Head east on Row River Road
  4. Past milepost 4 continue straight onto Shoreview Drive
    (Row River Rd splits off to the left - Shoreview Drive rejoins Row River Rd in another six miles)
  5. Past milepost 19 Row River Road ends.
  6. Turn left onto Layng Creek Road (aka Forest Service Road #17)
  7. About 9 miles later you'll find a rest area and a sign to its right.

Take the road to the right and drive up the gravel road for about 150 yards. Park at the wide spot on the right.
The path winds around for about mile.
This is part of the watershed for Cottage Grove - so no camping.

URL: https://www.oregonwaterfalls.net/spiritf1.htm