Upper Brice Creek Falls

with Shimmer Pool

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Upper Brice Creek Falls, 540m el.

Photograph specifics: Landscape 1/100 Second; aperture 7.1; ISO100; 25mm; tripod; polarizer
Month: July

Upper Brice Creek Falls is east of Cottage Grove.
  1. Consult with Cottage Grove Ranger Station (541-942-5591) for status
    of Forest Service Road #22 (Brice Creek Road) before travel
  2. Take Cottage Grove exit 174
  3. Head east on Row River Road.
  4. Past milepost 4 continue straight onto Shoreview Drive
    (Row River Rd splits off to the left - Shoreview Drive rejoins Row River Rd in another six miles)
  5. Past milepost 19 Row River Road ends. Head straight onto Brice Creek Road (FSR #22)
    This road will have its own mileposts (road that veers left is FSR #17 to Spirit/Moon Falls)
  6. 0.4 miles past milepost 7 is Hobo Camp - park on either side of the road
  7. Walk back west about 100 feet to a place on the side of the road
    where it is just wide enough to stand over Brice Creek. Falls are below.
Where the water swirls below the falls it causes a shimmering visual display . . .

URL: https://www.oregonwaterfalls.net/ubcf.htm