Portland Creek Falls Lower/Upper

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Portland Creek Falls, Lower, 425m el.

GPS - Portland Creek Falls, Upper, 520m el.

Portland Creek Falls' are west of Oakridge.
  1. From I-5 take exit 188A for HWY 58
  2. At milepost 13 turn left at sign for Lowell (historic covered bridge to your left)
  3. After 0.8 mile turn left to stay on Jasper-Lowell road
  4. In 0.1 mile turn right at sign for Fall Creek (Jasper-Lowell Road)
  5. In another 1.8 miles turn right onto Big Fall Creek Road and reset your trip odometer
    (you will see a second covered bridge here)
  6. Counting up a total of 15.7 miles on the trip odometer turn right onto paved Road 1825
  7. In another 2.3 miles turn left onto gravel Road 1835
  8. In 0.6 miles pull over to a wide spot on the right and find a trail down to the creek for the lower falls
  9. In another 1.9 miles (total 2.5 on 1835) pull over to a wide spot on the left just before a bridge (with '1976' cast into it)
  10. Portland Crk Falls (upper) is on the east side of the bridge and is accessible from a dirt road just before the bridge

Low Summer Flow at the lower falls
Can you see a duck? Hint: the waterfall is the beak.

Picnic/camping facilities on Big Fall Creek Road.
7.3 miles further up Big Fall Creek Road (total 23) you'll find Fall Creek Falls

URL: https://www.oregonwaterfalls.net/ulportland.htm