Fern Rock Creek & University Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Fern Rock Creek Falls, 330m el.

GPS - University Falls, 500m el.

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Fern Rock Creek Falls

University Falls

Fern Rock Creek & University Falls are east of Tillamook.
Directions: Caution: HWY 6 is a very busy highway so use care when making the turnoffs below.

First - Fern Rock Creek Falls
  1. At junction with HWY 101 in Tillamook head east on HWY 6.
  2. Look for a "1000 ft." sign past milepost 28 (landmark). You are getting near Fern Rock Creek Falls.
  3. 0.3 miles past milepost 29 look for a wide area off to the right.
    A "FALLS" sign 'may' be pointing to it from the other side of the road.
    This will be Fern Rock Creek Falls.
    The wide area appears to be used sometimes for a gravel staging area for
    road repair, so don't be surprised to find mounds of rock at the wide spot.
Next, University Falls
  1. Farther down the road near milepost 33 look for a Roger's Camp / Brown's Camp
    sign on the right side.
  2. Turn into the road and notice a sign pointing right for University Falls
    with a distance of 4 miles. The road is gravel for most of the distance.
  3. Follow the signs down to the falls. Where there are no signs simply stay
    on the main path. Trail to the falls is on the right.
  4. Total hiking distance to University Falls is 0.35 miles.
Neither site has restroom facilities.

URL: https://www.oregonwaterfalls.net/univ.htm