Fishhawk & Young's River Falls

Photographer: G. Price

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GPS - Fishhawk Falls, 235m el.

GPS - Young's River Falls, 10m el.

Fishhawk Falls
Photograph specifics: landscape, shutter speed 1/100, ISO100, lens 47mm, aperture 6.3

Young's River Falls

Fishhawk & Young's River Falls are south of Astoria.
Directions (two sets for different locations): Hwy 101 north from Tillamook to Astoria
  1. Near Astoria turn right onto HWY 101 Business Loop.
  2. After 1.3 miles bear right to remain on the business loop.
  3. After another 1.6 miles the business loop curves right. Turn on your
    left turn signal to head straight (watch for opposing traffic around curve).
  4. Short distance from that intersection turn left onto Young's River Road.
  5. After milepost 7 look for a brown sign saying "Young's Falls" and turn right.
  6. Parking area is a short distance from the intersection and the waterfall is closeby.
  7. To find Fishhawk Falls continue down Young's River Road another 3.7 miles to
    the junction with HWY 202. Turn right and drive 15 miles to milepost 25.
  8. Find a sign for "Leo Wooden Park" and turn right. Waterfall is also closeby.
HWY 26 West from Portland
  1. Approximately six miles north from the Sunset Rest Area look for
    a road to Jewell.
  2. Once in Jewell find HWY 202 and head north. Fishhawk Falls will be near
    milepost 25 at Leo Wooden Park(about five miles distance).
  3. To reach Young's Falls drive 10 more miles north on HWY202 until you reach
    a sign for "Lewis and Clark Trail". Turn left at this junction. At a large "Y"
    intersection bear right to remain on Young's River Road. The other road is the
    Olney bypass.
  4. Young's River Falls will be less than 4 miles away. Watch for the
    the Lewis and Clark sign.
Neither site has rest or picnic facilities.